Top Affiliate Offers from LunaSol Media

Top Offers List 12-18-2023

Here are this week’s top money maker affiliate offers.

US – FundsXtra Payday Loans **EXCLUSIVE**
80% Revshare

US – Free Gov Phone by CG (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL $12

CPA $30

US – Gutter Help by MatchBurst (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL $22

US – ClaimFinders Legal Hair Straightener (CPL) EXCLUSIVE
CPL $35

UK – RewardsUK – Make Money Watching TV – Cash £750 (CPL)
CPL $2

INTL – Hide My Name VPN (CPA) Available in most countries.
CPA: 25%

FreeScore360 (USA)
$30 CPA

US [HISPANIC] – Recursos Para Familias – Free Gov Phone (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPA $12

INTL – AMIGOS Holiday Gift Guide Listicle (RevSHARE)

US – Rewards US – Cash $750 (CPL)
CPL $2

US – Section 8 Assistance (CPL) Display & Push
CPL $1

US – Recession Help (CPL) EMAIL ONLY
CPL $1.50

US – WorldSchoolSearch Email Submit (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL $1

US – ClearDayLoans – Personal Loan (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL Variable

BR – iSurveyWorld (Survey) (CPL – SOI) BRAZIL
CPL $.40

Women’s Resources Hair Straightener Legal (USA) **EXCLUSIVE**
$22 CPL

Ganalandia Surveys (US) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL Varies by Country

Women’s Resources Leadgen (USA) **EXCLUSIVE**
$1.00 CPL

INTL – OpinionLand Survey English LP (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
$1.00 CPL

Remember ANYONE can be an influencer or affiliate. You don’t need 50,000 followers to monetize your audience.

Our Mira.Click and LunaSol networks help you monetize your audience with offers that pay for all types of actions.

  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Per Call
  • Pay Per Sale
  • Pay Per Download

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