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Amplify any campaign and ensure goals and KPIs are not just met but surpassed by leveraging all 4 traffic channels – Influencers, Affiliates, SMS, and Email along with hundreds of websites including Google News, YouTube, SlideShare and more.

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Embark on a Comprehensive Consultation where we explore the unique facets of your brand and campaign objectives. Together, we strategize a personalized boosting plan that seamlessly integrates influencers, affiliates, SMS, and email marketing. Our focus is on aligning each channel with your brand identity, ensuring a customized strategy that drives maximum impact.

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Campaign Creation

In the Cross-Channel Campaign Creation phase, we meticulously blend the strengths of influencers, affiliates, SMS, and email marketing to establish a unified campaign. Every detail is reviewed to ensure a seamless synergy that optimizes for brand safety and success. We establish objectives, target audiences, influencer and affiliate personas, craft compelling SMS and email content, and set KPIs that align with your overarching goals.

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Launch & Delivery

The spotlight is on your campaign as we execute a Simultaneous Launch across all four channels. Your brand takes center stage with strategically crafted content that resonates with influencers, affiliates, SMS recipients, and email subscribers alike. The Launch phase is where your narrative unfolds, capturing the attention and interest of a diverse audience. Our team monitors all activities to ensure timely delivery and optimal engagement across all channels.

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Monitor & Maximize

Precision is maintained as we enter the Monitor & Maximize Across Channels phase. Real-time tracking of performance metrics allows us to adjust and optimize campaigns instantly across influencers, affiliates, SMS, and email. It’s not just about sending messages; it’s about cultivating ongoing engagement and maximizing the collective impact of your boosted campaign.

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review, adjust & boost

Reporting & Evaluation

As your boosted campaign concludes, we dive into Unified Reporting & Evaluation. Gain a comprehensive view of your campaign’s success through detailed analytics and performance metrics across all four channels. Our insights provide you with a roadmap for future endeavors, ensuring each channel contributes synergistically to your brand’s journey toward unparalleled success.

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