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Top Offers List 05/15/2023

Here are this week’s top money maker affiliate offers.

US – Auto Insurance (CPL) Email & Social [M-F 9AM-5PM EST ONLY] Revshare
80% Revshare

US – Finderish Unclaimed Money (CPL) Email Submit [SMS]
CPA $2

Women’s Resources Hair Straightener Legal (USA) **EXCLUSIVE**
$22 CPL

ECOM TRIAL – TidyBuddy Robot Vacuum (US) F+S
$26 / EPC $2.07

BR – iSurveyWorld (Survey) (CPL – SOI) BRAZIL
CPL $.40

Ganalandia Surveys (US,UK,ES,Latam) **EXCLUSIVE**
CPL Varies by Country

Women’s Resources Leadgen (USA) **EXCLUSIVE**
$1.00 CPL

INTL – OpinionLand Survey English LP (CPL) **EXCLUSIVE**
$1.00 CPL

SOLAR – Solar Saver Program (US – SEE STATES) Leadgen
$30 / EPC$2.90

FreeScore360 (USA)
$30 CPA

US – Unclaimed Money (CPL) Email Submit SMS
$2 CPL / EPC $.85

MALE ENHANCEMENT – Blualix Standalone Trial (US) NO SEO
$45 / EPC $2.28

Yeti Backpack (US) Sweeps
$33 CPA / EPC$1.68

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