April 2024 Hispanic Marketing Content Calendar by LunaSol Media

April 2024 Hispanic Social Marketing Content

As April unfolds, it brings a fresh palette of opportunities for engaging with Hispanic communities through social marketing. This month is rich with cultural commemorations, historic anniversaries, and vibrant festivals that resonate deeply within Hispanic cultures across the globe. From honoring the resilience in Malvinas Day to celebrating the iconic Selena Day, each event is a unique narrative thread in the vibrant tapestry of Hispanic heritage. Our meticulously curated list for April 2024 not only highlights these key dates but also offers a lens through which brands can craft meaningful, culturally resonant content. Embrace this chance to deepen connections and enrich your Hispanic social marketing endeavors with our April insights.

April 2024 Dates and Hashtags

  • 4/2/2024: Malvinas Day (Día de las Malvinas, Argentina) #MalvinasDay2024
  • 4/8/2024: Ellen Ochoa’s Space Mission Anniversary (USA) #EllenOchoa
  • 4/10/2024: Dolores Huerta Day (USA) #DoloresHuertaDay
  • 4/11/2024: National Heroes Day (Día de los Héroes Nacionales, Costa Rica) #NationalHeroesDayCR
  • 4/12/2024: Punta Gorda Festival (Festival de Punta Gorda, Honduras) #PuntaGordaFestival
  • 4/14/2024: Pan American Day (Día Panamericano) #PanAmericanDay
  • 4/16/2024: Selena Day – Also her birthday (USA) #SelenaDay2024
  • 4/19/2024: Anniversary of the Beginning of the Independence Movement (Aniversario del Inicio del Movimiento de Independencia, Venezuela) #IndependenceMovementDay
  • 4/19/2024: 33 Patriots Day (Día de los 33 Orientales, Uruguay) #33PatriotsDay
  • 4/23/2024: Spanish Language Day (Día del Idioma Español) #SpanishLanguageDay
  • 4/23/2024: Saint George’s Day (Día de Sant Jordi, Spain) #DiaDeSantJordi
  • 4/27/2024 to 4/28/2024: MLB World Tour: Mexico City Series #MLBMexicoSeries2024
  • 4/30/2024: Children’s Day (Día del Niño, Mexico) #DíaDelNiño2024

As marketing professionals, it’s important to recognize the importance of key dates in Hispanic social marketing.

Each holiday or event provides a unique opportunity to engage with Hispanic audiences by acknowledging and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage that makes up the Hispanic diaspora.

To ensure your content strategy effectively leverages these opportunities throughout 2024, we recommend using the “Ultimate Hispanic Marketing Calendar Template To Plan Your Content For 2024“.

We created this calendar template to help you stay informed about significant cultural events, enabling you to craft targeted and relevant content.

By integrating these dates into your marketing initiatives, you can foster stronger connections with Hispanic communities and enhance the impact of your campaigns. Download the template now to refine your approach and achieve more meaningful engagement with Hispanic audiences.

Download the template now and set the stage for a year of meaningful engagement and impactful storytelling.


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