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Every Affiliate Marketing journey begins with a personalized consultation. Our team collaborates with yours to unearth the unique aspects of your brand. We delve into your business goals, ensuring a tailored affiliate marketing strategy that aligns seamlessly with your identity. Crucially, we establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and well-defined goals for your campaign.

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Campaign Creation

The Campaign Creation phase is where we establish all of the important aspects that make an affiliate campaign successful.  Every detail is meticulously reviewed to ensure brand safety and success. This includes establishing objectives, target audience identification, affiliate vertical selection, coupon code creation, establishing commissions,  technical integration specs, legal guidelines, brand guidelines, traffic and KPI goals.

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Announce, Invite, Recruit

Harness the power of collaboration by announcing, inviting, and recruiting affiliates to join your marketing force. Our strategic approach ensures that affiliates align with your brand values and effectively contribute to your campaign goals.

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Campaign Launch

The spotlight is on you as we execute a seamless launch of your affiliate marketing campaign. Your brand takes center stage, strategically integrated into the affiliates’ content. The Launch phase is where your narrative unfolds, capturing the attention and interest of potential customers. During this phase, our team monitors affiliate activities to ensure timely promotions. As campaigns go live, we track stats and optimize promotions to ensure they reach their intended audience and meet KPIs.

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Monitor & Maximize

Precision is maintained as we enter the Monitor & Maximize phase. We vigilantly track performance metrics, adjusting and optimizing in real-time. Sometimes the commission will need to be tweaked or affiliate traffic channels will need to be modified. Other times we may need to create new collateral for your affiliates. It’s not just about the launch; it’s about cultivating ongoing affiliate engagement and maximizing the impact of your affiliate collaborations. 

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Reporting & Evaluation

The journey doesn’t end with the campaign. It’s time to finalize reports and analyze results with you. Gain valuable insights into your campaign’s success with our comprehensive real-time Reporting. Our affiliate platform delivers detailed analytics and performance metrics, providing you with a roadmap to ensure ongoing affiliate success and program growth. 

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