Case Study – Market Research in Latin America (old)

The Challenge: Generate Leads for Market Research Panel

A global marketing company wanted to build an online panel consisting of Spanish speaking online consumers in the US and Latin America and convert them into panelists for various market research campaigns. The goal was to generate 10,000 online panelists every month for 10 months to reach a pool of 100,000 panelists.

Partnership Strategy:

LunaSol Media incorporated a cross-channel approach to help the client build a panel website in Spanish, generate visitors and convert those prospects into panelists with recurring participation in market research surveys.  This approach included utilizing Data Acquisition, Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising and Social Media.

LunaSol Media Solution: cross-channel performance program

Drawing from our acquisition expertise, LunaSol Media updated the brand and website as well as the registration fields on the online contact form with compelling creative to drive landing page visits and conversions via Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media

Throughout the process, LunaSol Media maintained open communication with client to monitor improvement. We gave them access to lead source identification codes enabling them to analyze publisher and search keyword performance.

LunaSol Media generated over 50,000 new panelists every month from target markets during the first two months, leading the client to open new markets in Latin America faster than initially planned. This also led to a new project for panelist retention where LunaSol Media helped to increase panelist retention rates over 100%.

LunaSol Media Results: increased leads and conversions-to-sale

LunaSol Media exceeded the expectations of client delivering campaign goals months in advance.

  • 50,000+ new panelists generated every month, exceeding goal of 10,000 monthly panelists by second month.
  • 40% Conversion Rate achieved from site visits
  • 131% lift in panelist retention through welcome campaign three-part reminder series


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