LunaSol Media Introduces ORM – Online Reputation Management for it’s Miami Clients

Your online reputation is as important as your real life reputation but more difficult to control. Once something negative about you or your business shows up online it becomes a permanent record that anyone who looks you up can find.

There are five major threats which your online reputation might suffer from.

  • Negative bloggers: If one influential blogger starts feeling negative about your product, service or the company as a whole, his perception will reflect on their blog.  The negative image of your service/product/brand will spread quickly and can influence his readers and followers against you.
  • Rip-off report: the strongest and largest online platform to report against any “scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product”. Google gives this site a lot of authority and anything posted on it will be reflected on search results whenever someone searches for your company.
  • Dissatisfied customers: Most online reviews are made by dissatisfied and angry customers. Just one bad review across several review sites can tarnish your good name online.
  • Paid Attacks: Your competitors may pay people to write negatively about your brand.
  • Former Employee: An angry ex-employee can also cause damage to your brand online, especially if they feel

Due to overwhelming demand from our clients, we have added Online Reputation Management (ORM) to our services in order to assist our clients in erasing any negative listings from the first page of Google or Bing search results.

Take charge of your brand and OWN every search result about your company, name or brand. Contact your LunaSol Media representative today to find out how we can achieve this for you in as little as one month.

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