LunaSol Media is a global performance marketing company. We work with advertisers in the United States, Latin America and Europe to deliver quality leads and sales worldwide.

Our services include:

•  Lead Generation:
We deliver thousands of global leads daily via proprietary consumer websites, internal email marketing, sms marketing and our affiliate network, effectively reaching millions of active internet consumers in various verticals.

Legal, Debt Help, Credit Reports, Credit Repair, Payday, Mortgage, Christian Services, Diet, Dating, Sports & Fitness

•  Email Marketing:
We manage over 200 million global records with targets by geographic, demographic and behavioral data.

•  List Management:
Advertisers spend money to bring in leads and sales. The ones that do not convert usually represent lost marketing dollars. List management creates a new stream of revenue using your existing leads and customers. Anyone in your database, whether they have already converted or not, can be turned into positive revenue.

The global opportunity: List clients can now monetize their databases in the United States and many emerging markets, some of which are more profitable than the general US markets.

•  Creative Development:
Well converting landing pages and email creative are essential tools in the online marketing arsenal. Our creative team has built thousands of well converting creative and pages over the past 10 years in the online market.

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