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The Challenge: Generate Targeted Leads for Health Insurance Market Leader

One of the top Health Insurance companies in the US wanted to target consumers in specific regions where they can offer better rates than their competitors. The goal was to generate as many new sign-ups as possible during a one-time campaign over the course of one month.


Email marketing was a cost effective way to reach out to the client’s target of consumers looking for insurance. Email marketing was selected since it allows for targeting and high volume distribution.

In addition, email marketing provided immediate analytics and results and therefore was the perfect medium for LunaSol Media to utilize when testing and optimizing the client’s creatives for optimal performance.


In order to ensure optimal performance of the campaign, LunaSol Media implemented a comprehensive strategy to target by location and behavior.
A/B Split testing was performed to determine which creative performed the best and helped increase open, click-through, and conversion rates.

LunaSol Media Results: increased leads and conversions-to-sale

LunaSol Media exceeded the expectations of the client resulting in client extending the campaign for 5 additional months.

  • 5,000+ new clients generated
  • Increased open rates to 7% – 9%
  • 170% Increase in order volume