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Hispanic Online Marketing

Let’s talk numbers.

There are over 66 million Hispanics/Latinos in the United States, making them the largest minority group in the country representing 20% of the population. According to research from MRI, Hispanics are 82% more likely to connect with brands on social media than non-Hispanics.

How about streaming content? Hispanics spend more time streaming content than non-Hispanic whites (34% vs. 25%) and spend twice as much time watching videos on their smartphones than non-Hispanics.

The opportunities to reach Hispanics via social media, email, video and display advertising are endless as long as those connections take into account what is important to them.

LunaSol Media connects your brand to Latino/Hispanic consumers through effective and authentic experiences. Contact Us to expand your reach today.

How do we connect your brand with Hispanic consumers online?

Hispanics are not all the same. Your campaign has to speak to and connect with them on multiple levels  including language, media type, level of acculturation, generation, location and more.

For example, a campaign that targets second generation Hispanic Millennials will not land the same with first generation Hispanic Gen Xers.

Hispanics see themselves and identify in many different ways, and that is something that also ties in with acculturation, location and generation.

Below are a few key factors to consider when launching a campaign.

  • Acculturation: Someone who is in this country for a few years is generally less acculturated than a person who was born in the US and is a first generation American. The level of acculturation has a lot to do with how most Hispanics view brands. Someone who is an immigrant and less acculturated tends to be more loyal to a brand from their country of origin than someone who is second and third generation.
  • Language: There are Hispanics who are Spanish dominant, those who are English dominant and those who are bilingual. Choosing the language you want to communicate in is one of the first steps in choosing your target audience.
  • Identity: There are many identities that make up the US Hispanic population. Identities include Latino, Latina, Latinx, Hispanic, Spanish and countries of origin, such as Cuban-American, Peruvian, etc. For example, although the media, government and educational institutions have adopted the term “latinx” to encompass all Hispanics, only 23% of U.S. adults who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino have even heard of the term Latinx, and just 3% say they use it to describe themselves, according to a 2019 survey.
  • Generation: Hispanic millennials are all over social media, streaming and mobile content. In fact, they over-index when compared to their non-Hispanic counterparts. There is no better place to find and engage with them than on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social platforms. They are also highly responsive to Influencer Marketing campaigns.

LunaSol Media’s team has been delivering successful campaigns for clients who’s goal it is to reach Hispanics Online wherever they are.

Reach Hispanics with one of our solutions:

  • Active email & SMS database of over 25 million Hispanics
  • Online display and video reach of over 30 million Hispanics
  • Co-registration and Lead Generation with access to thousands of sites targeting Hispanics
  • Influencer Marketing campaigns with Hispanic Gen Zers, Millenials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Experiential In-person events & Virtual events

Contact Us today to tell us about your goals, and let’s create a creative, authentic and effective solution to reach them.


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