LunaSol To Launch Experiential Hispanic Marketing Campaign in South Florida

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The team is at work  on an exciting new experiential marketing campaign for our Hispanic Market Research clients.   If you don't know what experiential marketing is, check out a recent article  from the NY Times. While experiential marketing has been around for quite some time, we at LunaSol Media are bringing a Hispanic twist to the scene.   Stay tuned!
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LunaSol Media Crece Sus Servicios de Correo Electrónico en América Latina

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FORT LAUDERDALE, 8 de febrero de 2013 -- LunaSol Media, una agencia de mercadeo global que ofrece ventas y clientes potenciales a los anunciantes en América Latina, España y Estados Unidos, anunció la expansión de la división de marketing por correos electrónicos, permitiéndolos llegar a un público más amplio de consumidores en América Latina. El número de direcciones de correo electrónico en la base de datos LunaSol Media ha crecido un 30% a más de 25 millones de consumidores. Los datos se adquieren a través de asociaciones estratégicas de gestión de listas.  LunaSol Media verifica que los consumidores han optado por participar de las promociones de los sitios asociados,  y luego gestiona el ciclo de marketing por correo electrónico incluyendo todas las confirmaciones, los mensajes transaccionales y la higiene de…
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LunaSol Media Expands Opt-in Email Databases to Reach Larger Audiences Latin America

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, January 22, 2013 -- LunaSol Media, a global performance marketing agency delivering quality sales and leads to advertisers in Latin America, Spain and the United States, recently announced that they have expanded their opt-in mailing division which enables them to reach larger consumer audiences in Latin America. The number of email addresses in the LunaSol database has grown by 30% to over 25 million consumers. Data is acquired through list management partnerships where LunaSol Media verifies opted in data from partner sites, managing the email marketing cycle including all confirmations, transactional messages and list hygiene. This allows list partners to focus on their core business while maintaining and monetizing an active database of engaged clients. Marketers can select prospect records by any demographic and behavioral criteria including…
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Lunasol Media Global Lead Generation

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Simply put, LunaSolMedia’s sole purpose is to work with our clients to acquire new customers and generate sales worldwide. We successfully deliver new clients and sales through our suite of performance marketing services. Our services include Lead Generation, Search Marketing, Creative Development and Social Media Marketing in the United States, Latin America and Europe.
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