8 Ways Realtors Can Increase Revenue in 2023 with Referrals.

If you are a realtor, you work hard to generate real estate leads. In fact, a major part of your time goes into generating those leads and growing your database.

But what happens to those leads after the sale? It will be several years before they are ready to buy again if they are a regular buyer and not a real estate investor.

What about the ones that never turn into a sale? It takes a lot of leads to get to that sale.

You spend all of that time and effort spent generating leads, only to have them go to someone else.

It can be frustrating.

Turn Real Estate Leads into Money

There is a way to ensure that your lead generation efforts do not go to waste.

There is a way for you to monetize both the leads that result in sales and those that do not pan out for you. That means more money in your pocket, very little effort on your part.

In fact, the US Postal Service does this very thing.

When people fill out a change of address form online, they are presented with offers that every new homeowner generally needs. This includes the cable company, the phone company, movers, pest control, roofing, gutters and many more.

Any time a person changing their address checks a box for a service, the post office sends their information to these companies and gets paid a referral fee.

Why shouldn’t you be making these recommendations AND benefit from those referral fees which can add up to thousands in monthly passive income?

Is this easy? Absolutely.

You will need a few things that we will go over in the steps below.

Set up for success

First, let’s talk about the setup. You will need two things, email software and the service offers you will be sending.

  • Email Software: You will need email software such as Mailchimp, aWeber or any other email marketing software. Here is our list of favorites.
  • Service Offers: These are the offers you will be referring your contacts to. This part is easy, just sign up for our affiliate network, and we will provide them to you along with real-time tracking and support from an affiliate manager.

Once you have the email software ready, you can move to the following steps.

Step 1:

Add contacts to your mailing list. Each platform has a method for importing your contacts into the database.

You will need to split your contacts into 2 types; the leads who never turned into a sale (LIST 1) and the ones who did (LIST 2).

Step 2:

Set a trigger for your email software to send weekly emails to those leads who did not turn into a client, or LIST1. Each week you can focus on a specific service offer. Your affiliate manager will send you a list of service offers along with the tracking links so that you get credit when your contacts submit a lead via the website by clicking your link or calling the toll free number assigned to your account.

Here is an example of the content of the email, which you can always personalize to fit your tone and brand.

ADT Email Advertisement Example

Step 3:

Set a trigger for daily emails to those leads who have purchased a home from you. Once they close on the property, they can receive an email each day with a referral to a service that they will need.

The sequence of emails will look something like this.

  • Day 1: Closing congratulations email that includes the phone number and/or link to a moving company. It is best to offer a few choices so that they can choose their favorite.
  • Day 2: A message listing Top 5 Things to Set Up when moving to your new home. Include cable/internet providers, alarm services, pest control and a couple of others.
  • Day 5: A message reminding them that you are a resource for them even after the closing with a friendly reminder that they can find many of the resources they will need on your website. You can use this as an opportunity to list them again in the email and offer a link to your website where you can also list all of these services.

As a realtor, you spend a lot of time as a trusted source for your clients, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to continue to serve them as well as generate additional referral income from it.

The great part is that once you complete the initial setup, you don’t have to do anything else. The emails are already set up and as long as you set up the triggers, you are good to go!

8 Campaigns to Increase Your Revenue a a Realtor

Now that you know how this will work, here are the 8 Ways you can increase your revenue with referrals.

  1. Alarm Systems: These campaigns generally pay between $30 and $50 per lead.
  2. Moving Companies: $15 to $30 per lead.
  3. Home Warranty Providers: $20 to $30 per lead.
  4. Pest Control Companies: $20 to $30 per lead.
  5. Window Replacement Companies: $30 to $40 per lead.
  6. HVAC Service: $15 to $25 per lead.
  7. Lawn service: $10 to $20 per lead.
  8. Gutters & Leaf Filter Services: $30 to $50 per lead.
  9. BONUS: New mattress: $250 per referred sale.

This means your lead generation will never be wasteful again!

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